People in Italy use logical persuading (6.00) considerably more than any other influence technique, followed by stating, socializing, consulting, and appealing to relationship.  As with other Mediterranean cultures, like Greece, Italians use stating significantly more than the global norm and they are rated highly on expressiveness, which is indicative of people in a more demonstrable culture.

Italians appeal to authority (legitimizing) less often than the global norm and alliance building more often.  Interestingly, they also do more modeling, which indicates that in business they teach, mentor, or coach more frequently than people in many other cultures.

In Italy, character is the strongest power source, followed closely by attraction or likeability, which is rated significantly higher in Italy than it is for the global norm.  Expressiveness and knowledge are also rated significantly higher than the norm.  Personal power sources are obviously key in Italy, but so are some organizational power sources.  For Italians, reputation, network, and role are also significantly higher than the norm, especially role.  In Italy, your position in the organization, as well as your reputation and network of personal and professional contacts are potent sources of power.

To influence effectively in this culture, rely on logical persuading but don’t neglect the other power tools.  Italians are expressive and more prone to use stating than many other cultures, so expect them to state directly what they want or believe.  They will expect the same of you.  In Italy, your role in the organization is highly important, as are your reputation and network, but you must also manifest high integrity, be likeable, and do an appropriate amount of socializing to build commonalities and connections.


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