People in Malaysia use logical persuading (5.94) significantly more often than any other influence technique.  Next, they use socializing and appealing to relationship (and they use the latter significantly more frequently than the global norm).  Finally, among the top five influence techniques, they use consulting and stating (which is used significantly less often than the global norm).

In Malaysia, people tend to rely on social connections and existing relationships. In terms of influence effectiveness, their highest-rated technique is appealing to relationship.  This is one of the few cultures in the world where this is true.  Moreoever, among the power sources, their rating on history with the influencee is significantly greater than the norm.  In this culture, establishing a social or professional connection before you try to influence someone is an important key to success.

Malaysians use stating significantly less frequently than the global norm and their effectiveness rating on stating is also considerably lower than the norm.  People in Malaysia are less comfortable with direct statements of want or need, which suggests they won’t respond well to stating either.

Unlike some other Asian cultures, in this country the organizational role power source is not exceedingly above the norm; quite the contrary, it’s average, which means that one’s position in an organization does not receive unusually high respect, as it does in Korea and Japan, for instance.

To influence effectively in Malaysia, use logical persuading as your primary choice of technique.  Remember that existing relationships matter a great deal in this country, so spend time building social connections and relationships with the people you seek to influence.  Finally, avoid making a request seem like a demand.  Most of the time, avoid stating.  They are likely to view it as a form of intimidation and may not respond favorably to it.


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