In Mexico, logical persuading (5.93) is the dominant influence technique, followed by stating, socializing, appealing to relationship, and consulting.  Mexicans tend to use the push influence techniques (logic and stating) more often and the pull strategies (the asking and inspiring strategies) less often.

People in Mexico use consulting and exchanging significantly less often than the global norm.  It is most common in Mexico to state one’s ideas or beliefs and explain them logically.  Asking, inspiring, or bargaining for cooperation occur much less frequently.

Mexico is somewhat more traditional and hierarchical than many countries in the world.  Role power is more highly rated here than the global norm.  So it’s important to understand and respect people’s roles or positions in their organizations.  That carries more weight here than it would in Sweden or Denmark, for instance, or neighboring Costa Rica.

For Mexicans, the greatest sources of power, however, are character and attraction, both of which are rated considerably higher than the global norm.  In this culture, your personal characteristics matter more than your organizational role, although the latter is also very important.

To influence effectively in Mexico, use logical persuading ahead of all other techniques.  Socializing and building relationships matters as much here as anywhere else, and remember that character and likeability are the top two characteristics Mexicans will look for as they asset whether you can be trusted.  Mexico is somewhat more traditional, so pay attention to and respect organizational roles and positions.  Finally, remember that theirs is a more direct and forthright culture.  They will respond to stating and will be comfortable stating in return. 


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