New Zealand

New Zealand is the only country in the world in which the most frequently used influence technique is not logical persuading.  Instead, New Zealanders are most likely to use socializing.  Their frequency rating on socializing is significantly greater than the global norm (in fact, they are ranked number one), and their effectiveness rating for socializing is also significantly higher than the norm, as is their rating for the power source attraction.  Without a doubt, New Zealand is the most social culture on the globe—at least in terms of influence.

After socializing, New Zealanders are likely to use logical persuading, stating, appealing to relationship, and consulting.  Of these, their frequency rating on appealing to relationship is also, as one might expect, significantly higher than the global norm.

Perhaps because of their extensive use of socializing, people in this culture are somewhat more likely to be perceived as avoiding—although they are as willing as people in most other countries to state their requests, wants, or beliefs directly.  The effect of their stating may, however, be blunted somewhat by their outgoing and social nature.

In New Zealand, one’s role in an organization is a relatively weak power source.  In fact, it is rated significantly less than the global norm.  New Zealanders seem to care less about your role or position and more about who you are as a person.   Their highest-rated power sources are character, attraction, and history with the influencee.  These three power sources cluster near 6.00 (on a 7-point scale).  The next highest-rated power source is expressiveness at 5.03, which indicates that your integrity, personality or likeability, and the extent of your relationship with them is far, far more important than anything else.

To influence effectively in New Zealand, begin by socializing and forming a closer relationship.  They may appear far too stiff and formal if you don’t take the time to socialize first.  Remember that who you are as a person matters a great deal more to them than what role you play in your organization.  Once a bond has been established, they respond well to logical persuading, stating, and consulting.


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