People in Pakistan follow the classic power tool pattern.  They prefer logical persuading (6.09) by a substantial margin over the other influence techniques.  Then they use socializing, consulting, stating, and appealing to relationship, in that order. 

They use consulting, legitimizing, and alliance building significantly more often than the global norm.  In fact, they are number one among the 45 countries we studied in the frequency of use of consulting and alliance building.  So in working with Patistanis, you could expect to see them trying to influence by asking questions and forming alliances.  They will likely be very responsive to these techniques as well.

As noted above, people in this culture use legitimizing more frequently than the global norm, although less than any of the power tools.  They are also more highly rated in the use of legitimizing than many other parts of the world.  So they will appeal to authority when trying to influence others and will likely respond to this technique as well.

In Pakistan, the personal power sources (character, attraction, history, expressiveness, and knowledge) are more important as a whole than the organizational power sources (network, reputation, information, role, and resources).  In fact, their ratings for reputation and role are significantly less than the global norm.  What matters more in Pakistan is what you are not what you do in an organization. 

To influence effectively in Pakistan, use logical persuading as your first choice, but they will respond well to any of the other power tools, especially consulting.  Pakistanis are natural alliance builders.  You can expect them to occasionally build alliances in their own behalf, and they may be more responsive to alliances you build.  Lastly, they are comfortable with appeals to authority, so if you appeal to an authority they respect, you are likely to be more influential in Pakistan than you would in other parts of the world.

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