People in Poland use logical persuading (5.98) and stating (5.62) significantly more often than any of the other influence techniques.  In this respect, their use of influence is similar to other former members of the Eastern bloc (Czech Republic and Hungary).  Their use of stating is significantly greater than the global norm, and their use of socializing and consulting is significantly less than the norm. 

They also use alliance building, appealing to values, and exchanging much less frequently than people in most other cultures. 

Because they use stating so much more frequently than people in most other countries, they can be viewed as intimidating.

Poland is a somewhat more hierarchical and formal society than other countries, in the Poland one’s role in an organizational is more highly rated as a power source than it is in many other parts of the world—and most of the personal power sources (character, attraction, history, and expressiveness) have lower ratings than elsewhere.  This suggests that in Poland the authority inherent in one’s position has more weight in influencing others than in most other cultures, and, indeed, Poland ranks in the top ten in role as an organizational source of power.

 To influence effectively in Poland, use logical persuading and stating much more often than any other techniques.  Expect them to state their positions directly and confidently.  You should do the same.  Don’t be intimidated by their candor or self-confidence; it’s simply how they are used to interacting.  Socializing and the other social influence techniques (consulting, alliance building, appealing to values) are less likely to succeed—but will if you are patient and can build a relationship.  Finally, remember that role power is stronger here than many other parts of the world.  Respect their role in the organizational hierarchy and use your own role if possible to build credibility and influencing power.


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