People in Portugal use logical persuading (6.03) and stating (5.63) considerably more often than any of the other influence techniques.  They use the asking strategies much less frequently.  Their use of socializing and appealing to relationship is significantly less frequent than the global norm.  Likewise, they use alliance building and exchanging much less often than the norm.

Because their use of stating is so much more frequent than in most cultures, they can be viewed as intimidating.

The Portuguese use legitimizing less frequently than the norm and their effectiveness rating on this technique is significantly lower than the norm, which means they don’t appeal to authority very often and when they do they aren’t as skilled at it as many other people around the globe.

In Portugal, organizational role, knowledge, and reputation are stronger power sources than around the world generally.  For the Portuguese, what role you play, how much you know, and how well you are regarded are strong sources of influence power.  The strongest power source by far, however, is character.

To influence effectively in Portugal, use logical persuading and stating as your primary influence techniques.  Consulting will also be effective, but beware of using appealing to relationship and socializing as opening techniques.  They are best used once you’ve broken the ice and established a connection.  Remember that the role people play in an organization and their reputation and knowledge are strong power sources here, so respect the person’s position.  You should demonstrate impeccable character and also use your role and reputation as levers in influencing others in Portugal.


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