The Russian approach to influence is similar to the approach used in the former Eastern bloc countries of Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary.  They strongly prefer logical persuading (5.85) and stating (5.66) to all other influence techniques.  They use socializing, consulting, and appealing to values significantly less frequently than in most other cultures. 

Because of their high use of stating (which is rated significantly higher than the global norm), people in this culture can be perceived as intimidating and perhaps even threatening; however, this is probably an unintended consequence of their direct and forthright influencing style.

The people in this culture are rated significantly lower than the norm on their effectiveness in using socializing, appealing to relationship, and consulting.  There is a correlation between how frequently one uses an influence technique and how effective one is at it, so it stands to reason their lower frequency ratings on these techniques would be matched by lower effectiveness.  By and large, these social techniques are not what Russians choose to use.

For Russians, the strongest power sources are character, history with the influencee, and attraction.  These personal power sources make all the others pale in comparison.  What matters most in Russia is how well you know the person you are trying to influence and how they perceive your integrity and likeability.

To influence effectively in Russia, use logical persuading and stating more frequently than any other technique.  Argue your points logically and be willing to state your case directly and confidently.  Expect Russians to do the same and don’t be intimidated by their directness.  Try to build a connection through socializing, but don’t expect it to success initially.  Russians are not likely to find you credibility and trustworthy unless you they perceive you as having integrity and being likeable.


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