People in Singapore use logical persuading (5.87) substantially more often than any other influence technique.  After logical persuading, they use the rest of the power tools with more-or-less equal frequency:  stating, consulting, appealing to relationship, and socializing. 

In Singapore, having an existing relationship with someone is a key to influencing them.  They use appealing to relationship significantly more often than the global norm.  Interestingly, they use socializing significantly less often, which suggests that it takes longer for a Singaporean to warm up to you, but once the relationship is established, influencing them is easier.

Singapore is a fairly structured society.  In this culture, organizational role is a much stronger power source than it is in most other parts of the world.  In fact, they ranked seventh among 45 countries in this power source ranking.  And, as one might expect, they use legitimizing or appealing to authority significantly more often than the global norm.

To influence effectively in Singapore, strive to build a relationship with the people you want to influence.  Be patient.  This may take some time.  Then lead with logical persuading.  Use the other power tools as appropriate, but recognize that logic is likely to be most persuasive to them.  Remember that a person’s position in an organization is very important in this culture.  Respect their place in the hierarchy and appealing to authority when appropriate.


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