In Spain, as in other Mediterranean countries (Italy and Greece), the dominant forms of influence are logical persuading (6.06) and stating.  People in Spain use these two push techniques significantly more often than most other cultures.  And they are rated significantly higher in their effectiveness at using stating than most other cultures. 

Spain has a somewhat more formal culture, and its hierarchical relationships in organizations are important.  The role people play in an organization is significantly more important in Spain than elsewhere.

In Spain, one’s reputation and knowledge are also keys to influence effectiveness.  This culture values the knowledge you have and the perception other people have of you.  Both are rated significantly higher in Spain than in most other cultures.

To influence effectively in Spain, use logical persuading and stating as your initial choices of technique.  The Spanish people use these techniques most frequently and are therefore likely to be more responsive to them than other techniques.  Pay attention to and respect people’s organizational roles, and use your own role if it will be an appropriate lever with the person you are trying to influence.  Find ways to convey your knowledge, and be sure that your reputation is exemplary.


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