In Taiwan, logical persuading (5.87) is the most frequently used influence technique, but not by much.  The Taiwanese also use socializing and appealing to relationship—significantly more often than the global norm.  In fact, Taiwan ranks third of 45 countries in the frequency of use of socializing and first in appealing to relationship.  This is one of the most relationship-driven cultures in the world.

The people of Taiwan also use alliance building and exchanging significantly more frequently than the norm.  They value working together to influence others, and they are willing to bargain or exchange for cooperation.

They use stating somewhat less frequently than the norm.  Perhaps because of this, and their frequent use of socializing, they can appear to be avoiding.  Instead of direct stating their ideas, needs, or wants, they often prefer to rely on relationships and logic, both of which can be slower acting influence techniques; hence, the impression of avoiding.

Two of their three lowest-frequency influence techniques are the inspiring strategies:  modeling and appealing to values. 

Taiwan is the only culture of the 45 we studied in which character is not the most highly rated power source.  Character is rated high (6.07), but it is just edged out by attraction (6.08).  It would be fair to say that in Taiwan your personality or likeability is just as important as their perceptions of your character.  Moreover, in this culture, network has a significantly higher rating than the global norm, which reinforces the finding that in Taiwan who you know is extraordinarily important.

To influence effectively in Taiwan, use socializing to build your network of personal and professional relationships.  Once this network is established, then use logical persuading and appealing to relationship as the influence techniques of choice.  Remember that your personal characteristics (integrity, likeability) are keys to your influencing power.  Until you are confident that you can do so without causing suspicion, avoid using appealing to values.

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