Influencing in Sweden is similar in many respects to influencing in the other Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, and Finland).  They strongly prefer logical persuading (5.77) and then socializing, consulting, stating, and appealing to relationship. 

People in Sweden use stating, appealing to relationship, appealing to values, alliance building, and exchanging significantly less than the global norm.

Sweden is a low power distance culture, which means that they have relatively flat hierarchies and more equalitarianism than in high power distance cultures.  Consequently, role in an organization is much less important in Sweden than elsewhere, and they use legitimizing (or appealing to authority) substantially less than in most other cultures.  In fact, Sweden is ranked last (of 45 countries studied) in the frequency with which legitimizing is used.  In this culture, there is relatively little respect for authority (compared to most other countries).

People in Sweden derive their influencing power mainly from character, history with the influencee, and attraction.  On expressiveness, they are rated significantly lower than the global norm.  This suggests that the Swedes are comparatively more reserved than in other parts of the world; consequently, they rate considerably lower than elsewhere in appealing to values (one of the principal inspiring influence strategies).

To influence effectively in Sweden, primarily use logical persuading, socializing, and consulting.  They will respond to stating, but it should not come across as demanding or authoritative.  People in Sweden are less respectful of authority, so avoid legitimizing or alliance building if it could appear that the alliance is an attempt to create a bandwagon effect you expect the Swedes to jump onto.  They probably won’t.  However, they are good at logical persuading and use that technique most themselves, so this is likely a good strategy.


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