By a large margin, the most frequently used influence technique in Turkey is logical persuading (5.93).  However, they also use stating and legitimizing significantly more often than the global norm and socializing significantly less often.

Because they use the push influence strategies more frequently than the norm, Turkish people can appear intimidating.  However, this is generally true of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries (Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, and Spain).  Their directness and expressiveness convey energy and boldness that may seem intimidating to people outside these cultures.

In Turkey, the personal power sources are most important (character, history with the influencee, attraction, expressiveness, and knowledge).  Reputation and network are comparatively less important here than in other parts of the world.  What matters is who you are and how you manifest yourself with others. Your organizational power sources play a smaller role in your ability to be influential.

To influence effectively in Turkey, be bold, state your ideas confidently and directly, and use logical persuading.  Socialize appropriately but don’t rely on this technique, and be willing to appeal to authority if the situation calls for it.  Don’t be intimidated by their candor or forthrightness.  That demonstrativeness is part of their culture.


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