United Kingdom

People in the United Kingdom follow the classic power tool pattern.  They use logical persuading (5.78) most frequently, followed by socializing, stating, consulting, and appealing to relationship.  They use the ordinary influence techniques considerably less frequently.

The British use logical persuading most effectively, but they also excel at the social influence strategies (socializing and appealing to relationship), and at consulting and modeling.  They are good at teaching, mentoring, and role modeling, perhaps because of their skill at asking questions and engaging others.

In the U.K., the personal power sources are most important:  character, history with the influencee, attraction, expressiveness, and knowledge.  The organizational power sources are less important, especially role (which is rated significantly lower than the global norm).  For the British, who you are is comparatively more important than the position you have or the role you play in an organization.

To influence effectively in the United Kingdom, prefer logical persuading but don’t neglect socializing and appealing to relationship.  They excel at these techniques and will likely respond well to them if you have logical reasons for your request, proposal, or ideas.  It’s important that you be perceived as having high character and be likeable (attraction). 


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