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The people of the United States use logical persuading (5.93) most frequently, but that technique is followed closely by socializing, consulting, appealing to relationship, and stating.  Americans use socializing, consulting, and appealing to relationship significantly more often than the global norm. 

Americans also use legitimizing and alliance building much more frequently than many other parts of the world.  They are willing to appeal to authority, and they form alliances as a way of influencing others.

Besides sharing a common border, Americans and Canadians are two countries in which the highest-rated influence technique in terms of effectiveness is socializing.  They are both highly social cultures.

In the United States, character is considered the most important power source by a considerable margin.  Next are history with the influencee and attraction, both of which are significantly more highly rated than in other parts of the world.  The organizational power sources are considerably less important. 

To influence effectively in the United States, use a mix of the influence power tools—logical persuading is most important but don’t neglect socializing and especially consulting.  Americans want to be involved in the solution process and are easily engaged if invited to do so by questioning.  The social techniques are important.  Americans will assess your influencing power by your character, attraction, and history of their relationship with you.  Finally, appropriate appeals to authority and alliance building may succeed in this culture.


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